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silly rabbit, tricks are for kids

Thirteen random things you like:
01) loud music
02) parties
03) sleeping
04) sing-a-longs
05) playing w/ rayna
06) funny voice mails
07) tattoos
08) horror movies
09) the beach
10) making goofy faces
11) emily the strange
12) marilyn monroe
13) shoes
Twelve movies:
01) the nightmare before christmas
02) the craft
03) some like it hot
04) willy wonka & the chocolate factory
05) beavis & butthead do america
06) the wedding singer
07) girl interrupted
08) one flew over the cuckoo's nest
09) big fish
10) natural born killers
11) life is beautiful
12) lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events
Ten things about yourself:
01) i have a mole named milhouse
02) i have another mole but i havent named him yet (any suggestions?)
03) my left boob is bigger than my right boob
04) i dont like my boobs
05) im content with who i am
06) i have a freckle in the shape of a star by my left eye
07) my eyebrows are not parallel to one another
08) im an anarchist
09) i hate star wars, lord of the rings, star trek, etc.
10) if given the opportunity, i could totally beat the living crap out of you
Nine good friends:
01) inner peace
02) music
03) the beach
04) sleep
05) a comfortable bed
06) privacy
07) happiness
08) contentment
09) AP magazine
Eight favorite foods/drinks:
01) iced tea
02) sprite/7up
03) flavored iced coffee
04) pizza hut pizza
05) fruit punch frum the dairy barn
06) gummy bears
07) grilled cheese
08) french toast
Six things that annoy you:
01) rabbi assface
02) being yapped at while im on the computer
03) being bothered while im on the fone
04) being ordered to hurry up while im on the can
05) interrupted sleep
06) constant fone calls
Five things you touch everyday:
01) myself
02) my boobs
03) cell
04) my hair
05) my glasses
Four shows you watch:
01) will and grace
02) family guy
03) madtv
04) blue collar tv
Three people you have a crush on:
01) benji madden
02) bryan combs
03) frank iero/pete wentz
Two things you hate:
01) ignorance
02) liars
One thing you love:
01) rayna's laugh
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