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i did it all for the nookie

1. First grade teacher's name: mrs rubenstein. evil jewish wench.
2. Last person you kissed: he kisst me first
3. Last word you said: "dammit"
4. Last song you sang: 'wondering' by gc
5. Last person you hugged: rayna
6. Last thing you laughed at: this picture i found online of a fat kid wearing a tshirt that reads "i fuck on the first date". if i knew how to post a pic in here, id totally do it for u guys to see it. im still crying its hilarious.
7. What's in your CD player: the cure- galore (discman), alkaline trio- crimson (stereo)
9. What socks are you wearing: white ones
10. What's under your bed: boxes full of junk, rollerblades/skates, folders full of crap
11. Current status: bored
12. Current taste: gum
13. Current hair style: in a bun. i look like a librarian.
14. Current clothes: jeans, kittie tshirt
15. Current job: file clerk/comp nerd, mom
16. Current longing: to move the hell outta this shithole
17. Current desktop picture: water lillies
18. Current worry: nuthing i can think of right at the moment
19. Current hate: i dont waste my time hating on things. too much energy.
20. Story behind your username: theres really no specifics behind it, it just came to me one day
21. Current favorite article of clothing: level 27 hoodie
22. Favorite physical feature(s) of the opposite sex: lips
23. Last CD that you bought: alkaline trio- crimson
24. Favorite place to be: the beach, my room
25. Least favorite place: rayna's dr's office. too many dirrty children w/ parents who dont speak english
26. Time you wake up in the morning: anywhere between 8 n 8:30
27. If you could play a new instrument, what would it be?: piano. i want to play like ben folds
29. Current favorite word/saying: bitchass
30. Favorite book: dont have one, altho i am currently enjoying the one im reading
31. Favorite Movies: go to my myspace n look it up
32. Favorite Songs: too many to name
34. One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: jamal :'(
35. Favorite day: any day wen i hav the house to myself
36. Where do you want to go: florida n not come back
37. What is your career going to be: professional sexpot extraordinaire
39. What kind of car will you have: stretch suv
40. A random lyric: i used to love her, but i had to kill her
41. Eye Color: hazel- & honestly i didnt know this until an ex pointed it out to me. i always thought they were just brown.
42. Hair Color: dk br, red streaks, blonde in the front- altho it will soon change wenever i get around to it
43. Righty or Lefty: right- except wen im alone then wut hand i use just duznt matter. wutever can get the job dun
45. Zodiac Sign: archer
46. Innie or Outtie: innie

47. Your heritage: italian n irish
48. The shoes you wore today: none
49. Your hair: sucks today n i need to straighten it
50. Your weakness: beefy men, music, seeing dead bodies on tv. i cant watch that shit.
51. Your fears: michael jackson. hes as close to the boogeyman as u can get
52. Your most recent secret?: ive got a lover
54. Your thoughts first waking up: christ, wut time is it?
55. The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: i dont really pay much attention to that stuff
56. Your bedtime: wenever i pass out
57. Your most missed companion: my gpa
58. Your perfect pizza: pizza hut but w/o meat on it
59. Sweet and Chewy or Salty and Crunchy: ugh, i hate crap thats crunchy
60. Single or group dates: single so we can make out a lot
61. Dogs or Cats: i luv me sum doggies
62. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: arent they all the same?
63. Chocolate or vanilla: depends even tho i dont eat ice cream that often
64. Cappuccino or coffee?: i dont drink that piss

65. Smoke: nope
66. Curse: fuck me man, im not sure
67. Sing: all the time
68. Take a shower everyday: yes. dirrty is bad.
69. Have a crush: *giggles*
71. Think you've been in love: i dont think, i know i hav n he suckt
72. Want to go to college: ben there, dun that
73. Want more than what you got: not really. im kinda content w/ everything right now
74. Want to get married: ask me wen im drunk
75. Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: nope. we're no longer in school so i dont care
76. Think you're attractive: im drop dead gorgeous. lol. not really. but im so close its scary.
77. Think you're a health freak: not really. im just careful.
78. Get along with your parents: dad- yes. mom- not really since shes goin off the deep end
79. Play an instrument: the skin flute. ha ha!!

IN THE PAST 3 months:
80. drink: yes. it wuz gross.
82. Done a drug: nope
83. Made Out: maybe...
84. Go on a date: no
85. Eaten an entire box of Oreos: dont like oreos
86. Eaten sushi: nooo
87. Been dumped: hell no. sumone dumps me they get a beating
88. Made homemade cookies: i dont bake
89. Been in love: yes. w/ myself
90. Gone skinny dipping: why is this ? in every single survey?
91. Dyed your hair: actually i hav. thanx for asking
92. Stolen anything: $

93. Had too much to drink: i dont remember. i drank too much.
94. Been caught cheating: all the time in school. how do u think i made it thru?
95. Been called a tease: he wuz just mad cuz his balls were blue
96. Gotten beaten up: ness beat me w/ a show once. biotch.
97. Changed who you were to fit in: y the hell would i want to do that?
98. Cried at something beautiful: no, i cry at sumthing sad.
99. Spent too much money on something you didnt need?: not anymore. got a kid.
100. Cried when someone died: i always cry wen sumone croaks. even if i didnt know them. im too damn sensitive sumtimes. (this just reminded me of that time at jason bennett's funeral where that old lady started singing 'amazing grace' really loudly off key n i felt so bad laughing at her)
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