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"What's with you today?"

20 Questions:

1) What stickers do you have on your car, if any?
i don't have a car.

2) How/where did your last bf/gf/husband/wife say I love you?
i have no fuckin clue.

3) What do you hear right now?
a commercial for immodium. ew.

4) If you could drink anything right this second, what would it be?
iced coffee from dunkin donuts.

5) Does anything hurt on your body right now?

6) If (fill the blank)_______ died, you would laugh and spit on their grave?
worf. but not only would i laugh & spit i'd throw a goddamn party.

7) What's your job position called?
authorization and dictation representative.

8) What size ring do you wear?

9) Do you own a picture phone?
no. it's a phone.

10) What's your bf/gf's, husband/wife birthday?
don't have one.

11) What's your Mom's favorite band/musician?
who cares what she thinks?

12) What's your Dad's favorite band/musician?
who cares about him either?

13) What was your elementary school's mascot?
i don't think we had one.

14) What's your favorite bottled water?
poland spring i guess.

15) What's the next concert/show you're going to and when?
warped tour. august 13th.

16) What were you doing at 9 pm last night?
watching the end of 'mr. and mrs. smith'.

17) What's your favorite Starbucks drink?
white chocolate mocha.

18) Do you exercise as much as you should?
not necessarilly.

19) Did you attend your High School prom?
fuck no.

20) Would you give your bf/gf/wife/husband a second chance if they cheated on you? hell no.
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