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mental health: what is 'normal'?

since no one haz updated in awhile i thought i would do the honors. mo, i swiped this frum that email u sent around. this one's for ju.

1. What is your full name?: nicky. miss venom if ur nasty.
2. What color pants are you wearing?: black
3. What are you listening to right now?: fall out boy. cant u read, fuckerr?
4. What is the last thing you ate?: mcnuggets frum mcdonalds. they were mctasty.
5. Do you wish on stars?: i stopt doing that shit a long time ago since they never really came true. those were many minutes of my life that im never getting back. *pfft*
6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?: crimson. is there a color called "crimson" in the crayola box? well then i reckon i created my own color.
8. Last person you spoke to on the phone?: mediate. "they think he's a righteous dude."
9. Do you like the person who sent this to you?: is this a trick question?
10. How old are you today?: another day closer to my demise
11. Favorite drink(s): iced tea (flavored and non-flavored), lemonade ("that cool refreshing drink"), sprite/7up/sierra mist (they all ironically taste the same), sparks, shirley temple- make sure theres a cherry in it bitch!
12. Favorite sport?: the mattress mambo. *sings* "hey mambo, mambo italiano..."
13. Do you wear contacts?: yeth
14. Siblings?: nessa, altho i consider myself to have three other "siblings"
15. Favorite month?: september. it has nothing to do w/ school, the weather is just nice.
16. Favorite food?: pizza
17. What was the last movie you saw?: gia. angelina jolie nekkid AND doin it w/ a chick!
18. Favorite day of the year?: september 16
19. What do you do to vent anger?: bitch to bryan
20. What was your favorite toy as child?: record player
21. Summer or winter?: neither
22. Hugs or kisses?: depends on who its frum
23. Chocolate or vanilla?: r kelly's doodoo butter
24. Do you want your friends to e-mail you back?: que?
25. Who is most likely to respond?: say what now?
26. Who is least likely to respond?: nicky. <--- yes, ur right i didnt respond. only cuz i thought id do it herrre. dont hate.
27. When is the last time you cried?: last week cuz adolf pist me off.
28. What is under your bed?: boxes consisting of incriminating evidence
29. Who is the friend you have had the longest?: courtney
30. What did you do last night?: worked out, watched a movie n talkt 3 way w/ bryan n courtney until 3 am
31. What are you afraid of?: death
32. Plain, buttered, or salted popcorn?: popcorn sux. if it didnt get caught in ur teef n the kernels didnt get stuck on the back of ur tongue then i would feel differently
33. Favorite car?: matchbox
34. Favorite flower?: they make me sneeze. KILL THEM ALL!!
35. Number of keys on key ring?: seven. i dont even know what half of them are for.
36. Favorite day of the week?: saturday. even tho thats the day im a slave to the man its still a good day...sumtimes.
37. What did you do on your last birthday?: i'm too old to remember
38. How many states have you lived in?: uno. its about that time to leave
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